Xanterra Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore near Keystone, South Dakota. Mount Rushmore National Memorial represents a national treasure. Symbolizing the ideals of freedom and democracy, it is a tribute to four presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln and their invaluable contributions to the United States. Mount Rushmore National Memorial represents not only the past, but also a promise for the future. It is a place surrounded by American history, where the names of Gutzon Borglum and Crazy Horse are still heard; where the buffalo once again run free in Custer State Park and the vision of the Keystone miners still cast a dim shadow on long deserted claims. The park attracts approximately two million people annually.


Xanterra Parks & Resorts is the nation's largest park-management company with operations in eight national parks, and many other resorts.  Xanterra's mission is to be the leader in park and resort hospitality.  This includes creating unforgettable memories for our guests and employees who come from around the world to see our legendary landmarks.


If you are looking for an out-door adventure, then Xanterra Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a great place for you!




·          Great wage - $10.60 per hour!

·          Employer provides housing and a full meal plan for only $98.00 per week! *Please note- The meal plan is mandatory, not optional!

·          Walk to work! (Employee shuttle also available)

·          Work in one of the most beautiful National Parks the U.S. has to offer and soak up the rich history that surrounds the area!

·          Enjoy the outdoors on your day off, including fishing, camping, hiking, horseback riding and other activities!

·          In year’s past, employer has organized trips to Walmart, the Crazy Horse Memorial, Reptile Gardens, Bear Country USA, Rushmore Cave and more!


At Xanterra Mt. Rushmore, we have an optional program called the “Host Program”.  On your name badge, all the languages you speak will be listed. If you choose to join the program, you may be asked to help with language translation between guests! This is a great opportunity to showcase your language skills and connect with someone new.   



Did you know…?


·          Settlement of South Dakota did not begin in earnest until the arrival of the railroad in 1873 and the discovery of gold in the Black Hills in 1874.

·          South Dakota is the second-largest producer of sunflower seed and oil in the nation.

·          Mount Rushmore was dedicated in 1927 and designed by Gutzon Borglum. There, carved on the face of the mountain and visible for 60 mi (97 km), are the enormous (60 ft/18.3 m high) heads of four U.S. presidents—Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

·          Thomas Jefferson was originally started on George Washington's right. However, after 18 months they realized that it was not working. Jefferson's face was dynamited off and carved on the other side.

·          It took 14 years to complete Mount Rushmore.

What is the weather like in Keystone, South Dakota?


South Dakota has a continental climate with four distinct seasons, ranging from cold, dry winters to hot and semi-humid summers. During the summers, the average high temperature throughout the state is often close to 90°F (32°C), although it cools to near 60°F (15°C) at night. It is not unusual for South Dakota to have severe hot, dry spells in the summer with the temperature climbing above 100°F (38°C) several times every year. South Dakota summers bring frequent, sometimes severe, thunderstorms with high winds, thunder, and hail. Students should bring black pants for work, and light casual clothes, such as jeans, shorts, T-shirts, sweaters, light jackets, a swimsuit, tennis shoes a wristwatch and sunglasses. For more information regarding the weather in South Dakota, please visit www.weather.com.





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How to Get There

Students must contact their employer regarding their flights at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. Students should fly into the airport in Rapid City Regional Airport (RAP) in Rapid City, SD Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday from 9:00am – 5:00pm ONLY. The employer will pick students up at the Rapid City Airport ONLY between Monday-Wednesday until 5:00pm. If you do not arrive Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you will have to take the Airport Shuttle http://www.rapidshuttle.com or 1-605-399-9999 or taxi to Mount Rushmore at your own expense.