Comfort Inn Yellowstone North


Comfort Inn Yellowstone North hotel is 19 years old and has 77 guest rooms with a restaurant and pub on site. The hotel is only 1 mile from the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Comfort Inn Yellowstone North is located in the town of Gardiner, Montana, which has a population of approximately 900 people. The small town boasts several hotels, restaurants, gift shops, bars, and churches. If you enjoy the outdoors, this is the place to be! Activities include rafting, fishing, horseback riding, touring Yellowstone National Park, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and biking.





·        Great wages

·        Employer provided, on-site housing for only $50.00 per week!

·        Live & work by the north entrance to the World’s First National Park- Yellowstone!

·        Employer offers an end-of-season BONUS!



Did you know…?


·        The Roosevelt Arch is the most famous structure in Gardiner, MT.

·        During the summer, more visitors stay in West Yellowstone’s lodging accommodations than any other location in the Yellowstone region.

·        There are 67 species of mammals inside Yellowstone National Park, including: bears, fish, birds, reptiles and wolves.

·        The origin of the name Montana came from the Spanish work meaning “mountain.”

·        The density of the state of Montana is 6 people per square mile.



What is the weather like in Gardiner, Montana?


On average, there are 191 sunny days per year in Gardiner. Average daytime temperatures vary from 28°F (−2°C) in January to 84.5°F (29.2°C) in July. Heavy snowstorms may occur as early as September or as late as May, though most snow falls from November to March. Throughout the state, summer nights are generally cool and pleasant. It’s best to pack a sweater and light jacket, as the difference between morning and evening temperature could be vast. For more information on the weather in Gardiner, MT, please visit






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How to Get There

Please email your employer at least 2 weeks prior to arrival to coordinate the airport pick-up. Students must fly into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) in Bozeman, MT between the hours of 8:00am - 7:00pm and the employer will pick them up. The Employer will also pick-up students at the Livingston bus station. If students arrive in Bozeman after 7:00pm, it is recommended they stay overnight at the Comfort Inn in Bozeman. Students should take the free airport shuttle to the Comfort Inn and are responsible for the cost of a night at the hotel- $70.00.