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Rodanthe, NC is part of the southern Outer Banks. You may have heard of this area from one of Nicholas Sparks novel and movie “Nights in Rodanthe”. Locals and summer visitors enjoy the miles of coast line, beaches and ocean. If you love a quiet community filled with endless outdoor activities then this is the perfect place for you! Come join us and learn how to wake board or go on a wild horse tour and make friends with J-1 students and locals!


There are several Kitty Hawk Kites stores in the North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Rodanthe is very much part of the local community and is right by the ocean! It specializes in high quality clothing, products for aviation and outdoor activities. We are looking for fun and friendly staff member to assist our customers and positive team players who enjoy working in a fast pace environment, if this sounds like you – then come and join us as a Fun Consultant!


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Reasons to join us this season:


·            Great pay $8.75 an hour

·            Affordable housing provided

·            Free hang gliding lessons, free paddle board and kayak rentals

·            Discounts on kite boarding classes, dolphin tours and jet skis


What our participants have to say:


“I have so much fun at work and also my managers really appreciate my help and rely on me a lot which makes me feel special and needed. And that's not all - I get to use most of the recreational activities (hang gliding, kiteboarding, kayaking, SUPing etc.) we (Kitty Hawk Kites) offer FOR FREE and I spend my spare time doing all kinds of interesting things so I'm really having the best time of my life so far! Also my colleagues and roommates are AWSOME so we all feel and act like a big and united family: we take care of each other; we cook and eat together; we go out a lot... and so on, and so on... I can't really list all of the things we do together but we have so much fun all the time!” – Vanya T.


“The managers are really nice and helpful, at the same time, the job is very useful to improve my language skills and to know American culture.” – Omer U.


About Rodanthe and the Outer Banks, North Carolina:


Rodanthe is considered a secluded area focused on locally owned shops and restaurants. It is the ideal area for those either looking to relax on the beautiful beaches, swim in the warm waters and watch the sun set or for those interested in partaking in the many outdoor activities including surfing, parasailing and jetpaking. If you like getting away from the hustle and bustle of a city then join this small-town beach community and embrace all that the summer has to offer!


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The Outer Banks of North Carolina


Outer Banks weather:


This area is known for its hot and humid summers filled with sunshine and occasional rain showers. Being right on the water also provides nice breezes and higher winds which makes it an ideal area for all of the air sports! The average air temperature in the summer range from mid-70s to high 80s degrees Fahrenheit (23–31 degrees Celsius) while water temperatures range from high 60s to 80 degree Fahrenheit (20-27 degrees Celsius).


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How to Get There

The closest airport you can fly into is Norfolk International Airport (ORF) located in Norfolk, Virginia. If you fly into this airport or take a bus into Elizabeth City we can arrange to pick you up.


For specific arrival dates, times and cost information please refer to the Student Job Profile.