Icy Strait Point

Icy Strait Point, owned and operated by Huna Totem Corporation, is a private port located near the small community of Hoonah on Chicagaof Island.  Although we are just 40 flight miles from Juneau, the only way to reach us is via puddle jumper planes or the ferry. We look forward to welcoming our international students and showing them the unspoiled beauty of Hoonah. This is a perfect location for students who love the outdoors and want a unique summer experience in Alaska.

Reasons to join us this summer at Icy Strait Point

·          Try fun outdoor activities – zip line, kayaking and whale watching!

·          We provide affordable housing!

·          Free transportation provided to and from work

·          Great wages!

About Hoonah, Alaska

Hoonah roots lie in the fishing cannery business, but now the town focuses more on tourism and hosts thousands of international guests who arrive by cruise ship throughout the summer season. The best way to enjoy Hoonah’s unspoiled nature is to take part in many adventurous outdoor activities like kayaking, whale watching and whizzing down the world’s largest zip line. This is a very small town with a year round population of just over 750 people. Due to its remote location, everything must be flown or ferried in.

Weather in Hoonah, Alaska

Due to its unique location in on the water in southern Alaska, Hoonah rarely sees temperatures above 70°F (21°C), even in the height of summer. You should expect cool summers with temperatures ranging from 40-high 60 °F and heavy to moderate year round precipitation. Warm layers and waterproof jackets and rain boots will be crucial to stay comfortable.  

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How to Get There

How to get there

Students must email their employer with arrival information 2 weeks prior to traveling to the United States.

Students must fly into Junaeu International Airport (JNU) and apply to social security in Juneau BEFORE traveling to Hoonah. To get to Hoonah from Juneau, take either a small plane (Wings of Alaska or Alaska Seaplanes) or the ferry.