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Waves Oceanfront Resort is located in the heart of Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Waves Oceanfront Resort has 136 national and international employees making it an ideal place to have a true American Exchange while gaining challenging and rewarding work experience. Our students love working here and many return season after season! We work hard but have a lot of fun!


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Why should you work for Waves Oceanfront Resort?


·          Possibility for an end-of-season bonus

·          Employer-provided housing assistance on request

·          Employer-sponsored activities over the season

·          Great location near the beach


What our participants have to say:


“In my job I have a lot of hours plus overtime J” – Radil


“I like my employers, they are very nice, they help me a lot with everything and I appreciate everything” – Adrian



About Old Orchard Beach, ME:


Voted Maine's Best Beach annually!  Close proximity to Boston, MA and Portland, ME.  Old Orchard Beach is a busy, family-friendly resort location having over 100,000 national and international visitors yearly. 

It’s almost impossible not to have fun at Old Orchard Beach. The low surf makes this a favorite spot for swimming, sunbathing, and making new friends.

Old Orchard Beach, Maine is also known as “The Garden by the Sea.” It is located on the inner side of Saco bay on the Atlantic Ocean, meaning the town is a popular summer beach destination. A wooden pier on the beach contains many tourist businesses including a variety of souvenir shops.



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Weather in Old Orchard Beach, Maine:


Maine experiences a humid continental climate with warm (although generally not hot), humid. During the summer months, daytime highs are generally in the 75–80°F (24–27°C) range throughout the state with overnight lows in the high 50s°F (around 15 °C). The temperatures seldom stays hot at night, which is great for sleeping! You might want to take a sweater or light jacket, because the air is cool near the water at night.


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How to Get There

Students may fly into New York, Boston, or Portland. Students may take the Amtrak train to the Old Orchard Beach (Maine) stop or Concord Trailways to Portland, although Amtrak is preferred.


Please see below for ground and air transportation options: