Gateway 26


Overlooking the beautiful sunny beaches and the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean, Gateway 26 is high-class and the world's best family entertainment center. We are only a short walk from numerous motels, restaurants, water-sport centers, retail stores, and right across from the major amusement pier. Also, within a half-hours drive there are many beautiful state and local parks, historical areas, shopping malls and more! Located on the famous Wildwood boardwalk, our heated and air-conditioned facility is open year-round, every day. Gateway 26 is the largest merchandise casino on the Wildwood boardwalk-the ultimate amusement and entertainment destination on the Jersey Shore! Check out these videos about working at Gateway 26: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, and Video 4.

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Reasons to join us this summer:

·       Spend your summer interacting with guests of all ages

·       Great location in Wildwood, NJ, a very popular tourist destination on the Jersey Shore

·       Work with your friends – couples and groups are encouraged to apply

·       Awesome Employee events and trips such as: Philadelphia, Cape May Light House, Cape May Zoo, Atlantic City, New York City, Great Adventure Amusement Park and more!



What our participants have to say:

“I'm satisfied with the housing and with my job since I got here. Everything is perfect!  Regarding my job, I totally enjoy what I do here. I like what I'm doing at work, my manager is how a manager should be, and my co-workers are nice.” – Maria-Iulia O.


About Wildwood, NJ:


Wildwood is a very popular tourist destination located on the New Jersey Shore. The most notable beach features 1.8 miles of boardwalk and is home to several great shops and amusement parks! There is always something to do on the Boardwalk. Due to the far distance between the ocean and boardwalk (the beach is huge!), sporting events, concerns, and rallies all take place on the beach! Wildwood was ranked the best beach in New Jersey in the 2008 Top 10 Beaches contest!


For more information about Wildwood, NJ visit:


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Weather in Wildwood, NJ:


Summers are typically warm and humid with a July daily average of 75.6 °F (24.2 °C). During this time, the city gets a sea breeze off the ocean that often makes daytime temperatures much cooler than inland areas, making it a prime place for beating the summer heat from June through September.  For more information about the weather, please visit:


For more info visit:

How to Get There

Fly info New York JFK and take the Air Tran to Jamaica Station.  Then take the E train (NYC Subway) to 42nd Street/8th Ave.  Walk to NY Port Authority at 625 8th Ave.  Find the NJ Transit Bus 319 to Wildwood (bus will also stop in Atlantic City along the way).