Amangiri Resort Utah

Our resort is one of 31 small luxury resorts worldwide owned and managed by Aman. Each Aman resort is singularly unique but all offer an experience for guests that is intimate and discreet, while providing the highest level of service. Certain elements characterize all Aman resorts – a beautiful natural location, outstanding facilities, exceptional service and a small number of rooms to ensure exclusivity and privacy. The décor of each Aman resort makes use of locally sourced materials, reflecting elements of the natural surroundings and the traditions of local cultures. Always on the lookout for exceptional circumstances in which culture and history combine strongly in a unique natural environment, Aman will continue to expand its worldwide presence.

Set amongst the dramatic canyons of southern Utah and a short drive from Lake Powell – Amangiri Resort & Spa consists of 34 suites and pool suites, a 25,000 sq foot Spa and a signature restaurant. Opened in 2009, our resort offers an extensive range of activities within the property and region.

Staff at Amangiri operate in a strong team focused environment but in a family-like setting.  We create an atmosphere for guests that is one of peace, creating unique experiences, and the family feeling of sharing our home with them.  You will learn professional yet genuine service techniques, the highest attention to detail and superb quality.


Reasons to join us:

-Amazing income potential due to tips! The weekly wage on the job profile will surprise you!

-Our housing: a three bedroom/two bathroom home has everything you need: a full kitchen, appliances, Wi-Fi.  

-We provide free shuttles to work and a free meal during every shift.

-Visit the Grand Canyon and many other national parks!  Enjoy access to outdoor activities and incredible nature.


Lake Powell Area

In the 1960s the construction of a massive dam flooded Glen Canyon, forming Lake Powell, a recreational playground. Almost 50 years later generations of Western families have grown up boating here. Water laps against stunning, multihued cliffs that rise hundreds of feet; narrow channels and tributary canyons twist off in every direction.

Lake Powell stretches for more than 185 miles, surrounded by millions of acres of desert incorporated into the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Most of the watery way lies within Utah. However, Glen Canyon Dam itself, the main visitor center, the largest and most developed marina (Wahweap) and the biggest town on the lake (Page) are all in Arizona.


This area is extremely hot during in the summer months, with cool nights. It is important to be aware and ready for these changes in temperature and to remain comfortable. Please be prepared for the climate and learn more about the summer  weather here. In the spring temperatures are mild.

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How to Get There

Please contact employer to introduce yourself and let them know about your arrival details. Employer can provide more directions and information on how to get to Page, AZ for pick-up. This is a remote location, so it's important to ask for help from the employer! Students should plan on flying to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and then getting a connecting flight on Great Lakes Airlines into Page, Arizona. ( ) Please review the website for current fares and schedules. There are 2 flights per day. There is no other transportation (bus, shuttle, train, etc.) available from Phoenix, AZ to Page, AZ. Students must fly on Great Lakes Airlines into Page, AZ.