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Crested Butte Mountain Resort (CBMR) fits perfectly into the town of Crested Butte - We are family owned and operated and focus on staying true to our small town roots. There aren't too many other great ski and hospitality resorts where you can run into the owners pitching in to check tickets, bus tables and fold laundry during the busy times.


What we're looking for in an employee: We are looking for guest-focused employees who share our passions, who want to work as a team, both in the resort and in the community. Living and working in the Rockies, particularly in the Gunnison Valley, is a lifestyle. We are passionate about our mountain lifestyle, both recreation and work. As a team, we work together to inspire a passion for adventure in our guests. We rely on each and every employee to make genuine, fulfilling connections with our guests by sharing our mountain lifestyle.


The Gunnison Valley is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled rural areas in Colorado. However, this also means it's a bit out of the way. We think the trade-off is worth it, but make sure you are prepared to get here! Located near the center of the state, the drive from Denver is 4 hours.


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Reasons to join us:

·       FREE season pass to CBMR

·       Discounts at resort retail and food + beverage locations

·       FREE bus system in the area

·       Employer provides housing resource guide to help you in your search


More information on Gunnison Valley:

The Gunnison Valley is unique among mountain valleys in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains in that development has been constrained and restricted to small towns with dense populations. Our valley has avoided the contiguous development you see in so many places around the West. Tucked into our valley, you’ll find 4 small mountain towns, ranging in population from nearly 1,000 residents all the way up to nearly 6,000, and then a smattering of even smaller towns that persist from their early days as mining towns. Running south to north, you’ll first find Gunnison, then Almont, then Crested Butte, and finally Mt. Crested Butte. While each of these mountain towns has its own unique characteristics, an overarching set of community values unites us. We’re friendly, we take care of each other, and we have a fierce pride in our natural beauty, our hardiness, and our welcoming nature.

Home to Western State Colorado University, Gunnison has grown into a recreation mecca. It still retains and honors its historic tradition as a ranching town.  During the winter, rent a fat bike and explore Hartman Rocks, ski or ride the beautiful mountains, check out the art galleries and shops on Main Street, or enjoy the many restaurants. 

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Weather in Gunnison Valley:

Summers in this Colorado mountain area can be cool at night! Days are in the 25°C range, but nights can approach 0°C. Dress accordingly and be safe!


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How to Get There

Students will make their way from Denver International Airport to the Greyhound Bus Station (via Bus) or Union Station (via Light Rail). The Black Hills Stage Line departs once daily around 1:45pm (Greyhound Bus Station) and 1:55pm (Union Station) to go to Gunnison. Once there, students will make their own way to their housing if in Gunnison. Visit this website for more information: If they are staying in Crested Butte, they can arrange a ride with their managers with 72 hours notice.

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