Valleyfair a Cedar Fair Park

Spend your summer working and playing at one of America’s greatest amusement parks. Valleyfair, the Upper Midwest's largest amusement park, features over 75 rides and attractions including eight thrilling rollercoasters,Dinosaurs Alive,  Planet Snoopy with the Peanuts gang, dazzling live entertainment, delicious dining options and the newly expanded Soak City Waterpark featuring Breakers Pipeline, Breakers Plunge and Barefoot Beach!

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Why you should spend your summer here:

- FREE entry to the amusement park and waterpark on your days off!
- Organized cultural events: parties, potlucks, movie nights, etc.
- FREE transportation to local shops, the grocery store, and other activities.
- Very affordable housing! Housing costs are based on the number of hours you work.
- Catch a Major League Baseball Game (Minneapolis has FIVE professional sports teams, including baseball, football, hockey and basketball).
- Explore the MALL OF AMERICA (the largest shopping mall in the United States).
- Spend some time at one of Minnesota’s lakes (Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes. There are over 22 lakes in the metropolitan area alone and will provide a great opportunity for you to get outdoors to bike, kayak, canoe or swim).

What student have to say about Valleyfair:


"Working in an amusement park is so much more fun than working in a common place because you're surrounded by positive energy and by people who just want to have a good time. On the other side housing is also satisfying, we have everything that we need." - Denisa B. (Romania)


"I like my employers and my coworkers, they are nice and friendly." - Reka B. (Romania)


"My co-workers here are awesome. My team lead and supervisor care about us and our feelings. Also, the company held some activities for the international workers like me." -Wan Yu C. (Taiwan)

About Shakopee, MN:

Shakopee is a city southwest of downtown Minneapolis in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Located on the south bank bend of the Minnesota River, Shakopee and nearby suburbs comprise the southwest portion of Minneapolis-Saint Paul, the sixteenth largest metropolitan area in the United States with 3.3 million people.

The river bank's Shakopee Historic District contains burial mounds built by prehistoric cultures. In the 17th century, Chief Shakopee of the Mdewakanton Dakota established his village on the east end. Trading brought about the city's establishment in the 19th century and Shakopee boomed as a commerce exchange site between river and rail at Murphy's Landing. Once it was an isolated city competing in the Minnesota River Valley, but by the 1960s its economy shifted to the expanding metropolitan area. Significant growth as a bedroom community occurred after U.S. Highway 169 was realigned in 1996 toward the new Bloomington Ferry Bridge.

The city is currently known for the metro area's largest attractions, Valleyfair amusement park and the Canterbury Park horse racetrack. The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is associated with Shakopee though is located in nearby Louisville Township.


Temperatures in the Twin Cities region average 73.2 °F (23 °C) in July. During summer months, Minneapolis can be subject to very hot temperatures from May to August, and very high humidity. This combination can drive the heat index to over 120 °F (49 °C).

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How to Get There

The closest airport is Minneapolis, MN (MSP). Students should take a taxi from the airport to Valleyfair housing facilities. It should take about 30 minutes and cost around $50. The housing facilities are staffed 24 hours a day. Students MUST contact the employer at least 2 weeks prior to departure with arrival information.