Moreys Piers

Morey's Piers is a family-owned amusement business that operates 3 amusement piers and 2 waterparks. We are located on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey overlooking the magnificent beaches and Atlantic Ocean. Everything in town is easily accessible and within walking distance of accommodations and work. We organize trips to nearby cities for site seeing, shopping, concerts, etc.


Morey’s Piers is a team environment! We organize group activities such as barbeques, themed parties, sporting competitions, volunteer opportunities, picnics, etc. Last year, we hired employees from over 25 different countries and all over the U.S! We look forward to working with you, reaching our goals with fun, and having you as our team member! *Please note, Morey’s Piers only operates on weekends prior to early June and again, beginning in September.

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·          Live and work close to an amazing beach and boardwalk as well as major cities such as New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia!

·          No need for public transportation - walk or ride your bike to housing, work, grocery, shopping & entertainment!



·          Enjoy FREE employee events such as ice cream socials, pizza parties, bowling, movies on the beach, game nights and more!

·          Bus trips for a minimal fee to New York City, Washington DC, Niagara Falls, Philadelphia and Boston!

·          Customer interaction! You will improve your interpersonal skills by providing safety instructions to guests and use your conversation skills to create a happy environment!

·          Access to a FREE Internet room with wifi!



·          Competitive wage- $9.00 per hour!

·          Discounted Meals at worksite.

·          Endless opportunities for cultural exchange and interaction with local community members!


Student testimonial: Diana Lim – Ride Operator

“Morey's Piers is like an international village where you get to meet people from all over the world. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work here and experience American culture!"


From Morey’s Piers- We are very excited to be visiting you on the CIEE Road Show! We hope to meet many of you and to answer all your questions about Morey's Piers and the USA in general. Should you have any questions before the Road Show, you may email us at:


ALL students MUST watch this video BEFORE the interview



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Life at the Piers:

Life at an Amusement Park:

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Watch this VIDEO about working at Morey’s Piers!


Videos by former summer Work & Travel participants from Morey’s Piers- and

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How to Get There

During your interview, you will be asked about your dates of availability to be put on your job offer form. You MUST know your dates and be certain you can honor them. All students must arrive by the start date on the job offer form in accordance with the arrival instructions provided. The start date on your job offer is the day when you’re expected to arrive at Morey’s Piers, as you will start working a few days later.


Please do not come to Wildwood any earlier as we will not be able to process your paperwork until your job offer form start date. Arrival instructions will be emailed to students one month prior to their arrival in Wildwood. Please read the instructions thoroughly and follow the directions completely. We recommend flying into JFK International Airport (JFK) in New York or Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) in Pennsylvania. Once you arrive in either New York or Pennsylvania, you will need to take a bus to Wildwood. Please check these websites for bus schedules and fares- NJ Transit; Greyhound- Beginning in May, our Recruiting Office is open every day from 10:00am to 5:00pm and you must arrive to Wildwood between these hours. Morey’s Piers will pick you up at the Wildwood bus station, provided you have made a pick-up reservation and are arriving within the approved times/dates.


Do not come to Wildwood after 4:00pm as our office is closed and we will not be able to assist you. If you are unable to arrive before 4:00pm, you should stay overnight in New York, Philadelphia or Atlantic City and travel to Wildwood in the morning. For hostel information, please visit  or Do not, under any circumstance, arrive at the office after hours! We cannot assist you; accommodations will be your responsibility. Costs of hotel rooms in Wildwood are high, as we are located in a tourist area.


SPRING 2019 Details-

Students have the potential for a job-share with another local employer!

Employer provides housing!

You MUST arrive in New York City on April 1, spend a night in a hotel ( or a hostel ( and travel to Wildwood on April 2. You will be given specific arrival instructions for arrival and transportation in February 2019.


**Arrival instructions will be emailed to you in February 2019 and you MUST follow them. You CANNOT arrive before or after April 2, 2019. 


Departure- All students work end dates are on a Monday. Students must work the last day on the job offer form, please plan your travels to depart Wildwood AFTER your last working day.




Morey's Piers has an American Thanksgiving in July

Celebrate the 4th of July with Morey's Piers

Check out this “Morey Story” video from Jiang Yi-Yun of Taiwan

Another great video about working in Wildwood at Morey’s Piers!

Here is a video from Joanne of Malaysia, a Food & Beverage Associate