Noahs Ark Waterpark

Noah’s Ark Waterpark is the only place in the Wisconsin Dells that you’ll find all the most thrilling waterslides and rides, including Black Anaconda, America’s Most Thrilling Water Coaster; Time Warp, the World’s Largest Bowl Ride; and the spine-tingling new Scorpion’s Tail, America’s First Near-Vertical Looping Waterslide. We’ve been providing thrills for more than 35 years and know more than anyone about how to provide the safest, cleanest, most unforgettable waterpark experience for the whole family! So come on and dive into the fun. It’s all waiting for you as a staff member at Noah's Ark!



Reasons to join us this summer at Noah’s Ark Waterpark


·          Live & work in the waterpark capital of the world, the Wisconsin Dells!

·          Free use of the Park on time off!

·          Couples and groups of up to 4 friends are encouraged to apply!

·          Food and clothing discounts!

·          Employer provides housing for only $85.00 per week!


The Wisconsin Dells is a busy town that receives many J-1 students throughout the year making it a great place to meet new friends.

Make sure you visit the downtown Dells for shopping, eat iconic American foods such as a hearty mac and cheese made with real Wisconsin cheddar at one of the many restaurants or test your trivia knowledge at a local bar. In this safe environment you can experience Midwestern hospitality, try something new and make memories that will last a lifetime! Check out our website to learn about our company and for information about events in the Wisconsin Dells, make sure to connect with the Dells J1 group on Facebook.

What our participants say


“My job allows me to achieve my main goal – to improve my English” D. Saranchuk

“I love my work environment and I’m having a great time” – M. Ramos


Did you know…?


·          The Travel Channel hailed Noah’s Ark as “the place for water in the Midwest.”

·          The park uses over 2 million gallons of water on its rides. Its lifeguards earned the Platinum Award from Jeff Ellis and Associates Inc. (2006). This is the highest waterpark safety rating possible.

·          More than 20 indoor waterpark/water playground properties reside in Wisconsin Dells, the highest concentration of these facilities in the world.

·          Wisconsin is the dairy capital of the United States and produces more milk than any other state.

·          Chief industrial products of Wisconsin are automobiles, machinery, furniture, paper, beer, and processed foods.


What is the weather like in Wisconsin Dells, WI?


Wisconsin Dells has a humid continental climate, characterized by long, very cold, snowy winters and warm summers. On July 13, 1936, the temperature in Wisconsin Dells reached 114°F (46°C), the highest ever recorded in the state of Wisconsin. The average summer high temperature is 80°F (27°C) and the average low is 56°F (13°C). For more information about the weather in the Dells, please visit

For more info visit:

How to Get There

Students must communicate their travel plans with their employer at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. It is recommended that students fly into O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, IL. Once in Chicago, students can choose to ride the Greyhound Bus or take an Amtrak train to Wisconsin Dells, WI. Students may also choose to fly into Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) in Madison, WI. Please make sure that you arrive in the Wisconsin Dells before 4pm. Should you arrive after 4pm, go to the Flamingo hotel for the night.

The largest International airport in the region is O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, IL and there are many ways to get from there to the Wisconsin Dells.


1.     From Chicago, students can also contact US Work and Travel Shuttles. Students should email for rates and pick up times.


2.     Greyhound bus to the Wisconsin Dells. Take a bus (a few dollars), Taxi ($55), or Airport Shuttle ($35) to the Downtown Chicago Greyhound Bus Station located at 630 West Harrison Street, Chicago, IL 60607. Book a trip from Chicago to Wisconsin Dells. **Please Note that the bus from Chicago to Wisconsin Dells departs ONLY two times per day and the trip is about 5 hours long. Check the schedule here to make sure that you will be able to make the connection.


3.     If students arrive early enough you can also catch the Amtrak train from Chicago to the Wisconsin Dells. Please check the Amtrak schedule to see what will work best for you.


Students who fly into the General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) in Milwaukee, WI or the Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) in Madison, WI can contact Wisconsin Dells Kangaroo Taxi and Shuttle for more information about shuttle times and prices.



Many students in the area ride bicycles and need to be informed of Bicycle Safety. Please view this bicycle safety video before you arrive in the Dells and purchase a bike for the summer