Kings Island a Cedar Fair Park

Kings Island opened its gates on April 29, 1972, serving as a replacement for Coney Island, an immensely popular amusement park located on the Ohio River 10 miles east of downtown Cincinnati.  Kings Island today is home to more than 100 world-class rides, shows and attractions, including the world's longest wooden (The Beast) and steel inverted (Banshee) roller coasters and a 35-acre waterpark.  One of the top drawing seasonal amusement/theme parks in the world, attracting more than 3 million guests each season.  Recipient of the Golden Ticket Award for "Best Kids' Area in the World" by Amusement Today for an unprecedented 15 consecutive years.  We employ more than 4,000 seasonal associates giving you the opportunity to establish life-long friendships during your summer at Kings Island!  As an associate, you receive FREE admission to Kings Island as well as any Cedar Fair park.  Affordable housing is located within 1.5 miles of the Park and includes wireless internet access.  You will be able to enjoy delicious, inexpensive food at the associate cafeteria, Cornerstone Cafe, including daily $1 menu items.  What can you do on your days off?  Come join us for associate exclusive parties where you can enjoy free food, rides, games and an opportunity to get to know the associates at Kings Island.  We also offer 1 day bus trips to area attractions and points of interest.  Come join us at Kings Island for the summer of a lifetime!


 Why should you come work at Kings Island?

·       Free admission to King’s Island and other Cedar Fair parks!

·       Housing provided for just $65 per week.

·       Kings Island arranges activities, sporting events, and inexpensive day trips for students.


What Student's Have to Say:


"I love my job, all associates are so nice! I like to talk with guests." - Alina K. (Russia)


"I like the local people.They are friendly." - Yanyu B. (China)


About Mason, OH:

Mason is a small city of about 30,000 people located just 22 miles from downtown Cincinnati. The city has over 300 acres of city parks and numerous bike paths that are open to the public. In addition to its amusement parks, Mason is known for its annual tennis tournament: Western & Southern Open 


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How to Get There


Please contact employer at least 2 weeks before you arrive.

When you arrive take and Uber or a taxi to your housing to check in. A taxi will be more expensive than an Uber.