French Lick Resort


Established in 1845, with the original east wing built in 1901, French Lick Springs Hotel attracts guests from around the world to experience the "miracle waters" of its nearby sulfur springs. This classic hotel has been restored to its famed charm and grandeur; from the distinct mosaic and marble flooring to a 109,000 square foot Conference & Events Center, this hotel has something everyone can enjoy.


For generations, we have offered a scenic environment in which to relax and enjoy nature. Enjoy a stroll through shaded walkways to visit the famous gazebo housing the Pluto Mineral Spring. Our manicured grounds also provide an impeccable backdrop for all kinds of events, from weddings and corporate picnics to family cookouts. Every element at French Lick Resort provides you with an experience that reflects our legacy of excellence.


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Reasons to join us at French Lick Resort


·          Gain valuable work experience, make new friends and improve your English at French Lick Resort

·          FREE housing within walking distance! (Although it’s on a First Come-First Serve basis!)

·          Full Meal Plan is provided for $2 a day

·          Employer provided transportation from the airport upon arrival! (WEEKDAY arrivals only)


What our participants have to say


‘I like my schedule and the employer is the best. Housing is good, we have all we need!”  E. Bouar


“The staff is very helpful, they guide me into every single thing I need to know in order to do my best at my job” – D. Crainiciuc


Things to know about French Lick Resort before you arrive…


·          The original French Lick Resort opened in 1845 and was an immediate success. In 1897, the original hotel burned and the resort was rebuilt on an even grander scale by a new owner Thomas Taggart.

·          The 3,000-acre complex includes two historic resort spa hotels, stables, a casino and three golf courses, all part of a $500 million restoration and development project.

·          We are 60 miles from Louisville, KY; 100 mi. from Indianapolis, IN; 250 mi. from Chicago, IL.


About French Lick, Indiana:


Hometown of the famous American basketball player Larry Bird, French Lick is also home to an Indiana Casino which drew national attention to the small town when it opened in 2006. Because of the multitude of sulfur springs (originally used for medical benefits in the 1800s), French Lick became a popular spa town in the 19th century. The sulfur springs are still used and considered a major attraction today.


To learn more about French Lick, please visit:

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Weather in French Lick, Indiana


French Lick has a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. The average yearly temperature in French Lick is 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius). The warmest month is July with average temperatures of 76 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) and the coldest month is January with average temperatures of 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degrees Celsius). For more information on the weather in French Lick, please click here.


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How to Get There

All students should arrive prior to their start date on a weekday (Monday through Friday). Students should schedule their departure for a weekend after your job end date.


Students should fly into Louisville International Airport (SFD) or Indianapolis International Airport (IND). Employer will arrange to pick students up from either airport between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.


Students should NOT ARRIVE on weekend days.


In order to be picked up, students must give the employer their travel itinerary at least two weeks prior to departure. If an itinerary is not provided, then the student is responsible for their own transportation to French Lick Resort.

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