Aramark Yosemite National Park

Aramark is a leader in professional services, providing award-winning food services, facilities management, and uniform and career apparel to health care institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, and businesses around the world. Aramark has approximately 255,000 employees serving clients in 22 countries. To learn more about aramark, visit This particular location is Yosemite National park, located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in central California. Yosemite is best known for its waterfalls, stunning sequoia trees, hiking trails, and 1,200 square miles of vast beauty. Despite its untouched wilderness,  Yosemite it is still only hours from the bustling city of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Check out the website for Yosemite National Park .  Stop in and like us on Facebook !

Reasons to Join Us:

-           Work and live in one of the most beautiful National Parks in the United States

-           Housing in the National Park is provided for $25 a week!

-           50% off Food and Beverage and 10% off Retail.



What Our Students Have to say:

"I work with wonderful people, the job is fun and my tent housing is nestled in the Yosemite wilderness - I wake to birdsong every morning and I spend evenings with wonderful people under the night stars!"


"My managers And coworkers were ghetto bomb And the just the thought of them put a Smile on my face. My housing caretaker was awesome And he helped me through a lot."


About Yosemite National Park and the Community:

Yosemite Trip Advisor

Chamber of Commerce Facebook

Transportation in Yosemite National Park:

There is a free shuttle that will bring you around the different parts of the park. Some employees enjoy bringing a bike to ride around the park as well.

Weather in Yosemite:

December, January, February are the coldest and least crowded time of year, the weather in Yosemite during the winter can get quite chilly, making it an excellent getaway for anyone who loves to ski, snowboard, or sled! On any given day in the winter you could expect the temperature to range from -3 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius.

Summer in Yosemite gets quite warm. Average temperatures during the day are 28 to 32 degrees Celsius. However, at night, the temperatures can still drop to 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, so it is important to bring layers!

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How to Get There

The largest airports to fly into are San Francisco International airport (KSFO), or Sacramento, or Oakland airport. From there, there are bus and train options to get you into Yosemite National Park. Please see the following links about transportation from the airport to the park.

  • Amtrak provides a combination of train and bus service to Yosemite Valley. Amtrak also provides limited service to White Wolf and Tuolumne Meadows daily during July and August (weekends only during June and September). Amtrak service beyond Merced (including Yosemite) is provided by YARTS.
  • Greyhound provides bus service to Merced, where you can transfer to YARTS to continue to Yosemite Valley. YARTS also provides limited service to Crane Flat, White Wolf, and Tuolumne Meadows daily during July and August (weekends only during June and September).

For more information on transportation to the park, please visit: