Hometown Drive-In

Hometown Drive-In is a fast paced restaurant, serving American staples like burgers, French fries, and shakes. We provide friendly service to the locals and tourists alike, and we are one of the busiest restaurants in the valley! Bear Lake is a tourist valley that has a lake, hiking, swimming, sun bathing, jet skis, ATV’s, and so on. Bear Lake is a famous destination for those looking for outdoor activities and beautiful views. You will be a short 2-hour drive from Salt Lake City, 7 hours from Denver, and 8 hours from Las Vegas!


Reasons to work for us this summer:

• We provide on-site housing for just $25 per week!

• Live and work on the coast of a beautiful remote lake in Utah!

• We organize many activities for students, including outdoor excursions and historical tours


About Garden City, UT:

Garden City’s location at the end of the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway and on the shores of Bear Lake State Park makes it one of Northern Utah’s best gateway towns. Bear Lake is often called the “Caribbean of the Rockies” for its intense turquoise blue water. The unique color is due to the reflection of the limestone deposits suspended in the lake. In the summer months, Bear Lake is the perfect place for waterskiing, sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. It is also home to world-class hiking trails that extend around the lake and Garden City.


Weather in Garden City:

Garden city enjoys warm weather months, with the highest temperatures reaching around 85°F (29°C). Nights usually don’t drop below 45°F (7°C). Be sure to dress appropriately, and visit www.weather.com for more information.

How to Get There

Participants should arrange pickup through Salt Lake Express at www.saltlakeexpress.com . Choose Salt Lake City Airport for pickup, and Logan door-to-door for drop off (the address is Smiths: 750 N Main St., Logan). Please communicate travel plans with employer, and call before taking the Salt Lake Express to be picked up at the appropriate time.