Capitol Reef Resort

Capitol Reef Resort is just one mile from Capitol Reef National Park, so you can explore almost 100 miles of natural wonders, including cliffs, canyons, domes and natural bridges. From Hickman’s Bridge and Fishlake National Forest to Anasazi State Park and the Prehistoric Petroglyph, there are many other stunning sights to see and they’re all within about an hour of the resort. Additionally, enjoy easy access to all the area’s parks, where you can delight in hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, and photo tours. Love outdoor adventure? The property puts you in the perfect location, as they are situated in the Grand Circle of National Parks – plan a day trip to the Grand Staircase, Bryce Canyon National Park, Canyonlands National Park or Zion National Park. Situated right off of Highway 12, enjoy exploring so many more attractions and being able to easily get where you’re going when working at this Torrey, UT hotel.

Housing is provided for students! For only $75/week, students will live on-site in an apartment-style dormitory, complete with a kitchen and common area. All linens and cooking utensils are provided, as well as Wifi and a TV.

Saving money is easy and outdoor adventure is at your doorstep. *Please note – Capitol Reef is a very remote location, so it is best suited to people who enjoy nature and not a big city lifestyle. There are NO cities nearby and 2nd jobs are NOT possible!

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·          Great wages and opportunity for lots of hours.

·          Employer provides apartment-style housing for $75.00 per week!

·          Employer pickup from Salt Lake City Airport when you arrive!

·          Live and work just one mile from Capitol Reef National Park, and enjoy almost 100 miles of hiking and natural wonders!

·          Easy access to other famous national parks for day trips, including Bryce, Canyonlands, and Zion!

Did you know…?

·          Fruit trees, originally planted by Mormon settlers, still grow in the area and are free to the public.

·          Wildlife in the park includes black bears, antelopes, prairie dogs, and porcupines.

·          Petroglyph panels in the park date back to 600 AD and depict ancient art and stories from the Puebloan people.

·          Over 1 million people visited Capitol Reef in 2016.

·          The largest raptor in the world, the Utahraptor, was discovered in Utah.

What is the weather like in Capitol Reef?

Capitol Reef National Park has an arid climate with precipitation averaging just 7.98 inches (20.3 cm) every year. It gets very hot and dry in the summer, but cools off at night. The average high in July is 91.9°F (33.3°C) and average low is 64.2°F (17.9°C). The freeze-free season averages around 176 days, with the first freeze in a typical year being on October 21, and the last freeze being on April 27. Thunderstorms from July through September bring cloudbursts, flash floods, and lightning. Spring and fall are usually mild. For more information on the weather in Torrey, Utah, please visit


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