CIEE Job Fair

A CIEE job fair is coming to a city near you soon! Here is some helpful information about CIEE job fairs, how to enroll, and how to prepare for the day.

What kinds of jobs will be available at my job fair?

CIEE works closely with good employers who are very excited about hiring Work & Travel students. They offer great summer jobs with competitive salaries and many employers even offer housing. Most of the jobs are in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Things to consider before attending the CIEE Job Fair

  • English Level – Positions like Front Desk and Wait Staff require Advanced English skills, so be realistic when you are thinking about the type of job you would like. The company representative will test your English ability during the interview and advise you on a suitable job that matches your skills. We believe that there is a job for everyone - IF you are realistic and flexible!
  • Traveling with friends? – If you are traveling with friends, make sure that you review the website together and agree on some destinations that interest all of you. But remember that many of the employers at the CIEE Job Fairs are small businesses and therefore cannot hire groups larger than four students. Thus, if you are a group of four or more, your choices may be somewhat limited.
  • Dates!! – Arrival dates and departure dates are very important to employers. Please choose to interview with a company whose date requirements fit your availability.
  • Complete your CIEE Resume - Some employers may require resumes. This must be entered at least 10 days before the job fair takes place so that CIEE staff can review your skills and offer jobs that match your needs. Complete the entire resume, and enter as much information as you can about your previous work experience, etc. Please click here for some helpful hints on how to create a good resume. To complete your CIEE resume, click here. To download a sample of a great resume, click here. To find out if resumes are required for you, check with your representative in your home country.

Please note: Take your time when making your decisions. It is important that you come to the job fair prepared, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable about the job you wish to interview for. You need to choose wisely, because once you have accepted a position, you cannot change your mind.

Once you have made your decision…

Make sure that you follow the instructions that your agent has given you for enrollment in the job fair. There is competition for many of the jobs available at the CIEE job fair, so it's important that you sign up as soon as you can.

What to expect at the job fair...

You will be interviewed by a company representative who will try and find a job that matches your preferences, skills, and dates of availability. You will receive more instructions about the event when you arrive. When you interview with the company representative, you will be able to discuss and review the complete offer from the various employers. You will be able to see specific information on salary, housing cost and availability, working conditions and hours, and much more.

Please note: You will have a limited time to decide whether or not to accept the job so it is critical that you think carefully about where you want to go and what you want to do, before the job fair takes place.

How the Job Fair works

STEP 1 - You will sign in at the CIEE Job Fair with your local agency representative.

STEP 2 - Next, you will be interviewed for a job that matches your preferences, skills, and dates of availability.

STEP 3 - Once you accept the job, you will be given a signed Employment Offer Agreement form. You can then take the next steps in the application for your J-1 Visa!



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